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Kiesh Concierge

Whether you’re looking to create a completely unique piece of jewelry of your choice or to tailor an existing Kiesh design to your exact liking, our Concierge team is here to help bring your imagination to life.

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The Concierge Experience

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Getting Started

Once you create an inquiry, a Kiesh concierge will schedule a phone consultation to learn more about your dream piece.

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Planning Your Design

Our concierge will take everything they’ve learned about your dream jewelry and craft a complimentary design proposal for you. You will be able to see and make any desired changes.

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Crafting Perfection

Your dedicated Kiesh Concierge works closely with our Design Studio to create a draft of design. We will make sure you have same person to talk from step 1 till you receive piece in your hand, to make process easy. They may reach out with questions regarding the fine details of your design.

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First Proposal

Your Kiesh Concierge presents you with a final design for feedback and confirmation. A phone call / meeting can be scheduled to discuss your design upon request.

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Finalize Your Design

Once a design is approved, We will start manufacturing process. We will make sure to make you part of process.