Kiesh Jewelry is jewelry Company located in Houston, Texas specializing in Diamonds and custom Jewelry. We are GIA CERTIFIED jewelers sharing the same passion for diamonds and jewelry with a vision of creating exceptional pieces with blend of education and experience. Get in touch with us, to have exceptional experience with your Jewelry, Shop online and instore with certified jewelry.

Why Kiesh?

Making Difference

Kiesh Jewelry has always been customer’s favorite Jewelry Store. We are proud of our team who has given immense support, time and patience throughout the whole process of jewelry making. Most of our customer are refered by other customers which makes us immensely happy. Since 2015, We have been working hard day and night to pick the perfect diamond for our customers. We are member with various Diamond Clubs which gives us access to look at numerous stones all around the world and pick that fits perfectly to our client’s requirement. We are the perfect blend of education in Gems and Jewelry and Experience of manufacturing process which helps us to guide our customers to the best. For us, Jewelry is not business, it is passion. We are now making a big step towards retail market. We understand how much a peice of jewelry matters to our customer, we craft it with immense love and passion to bring their dream come true.

stack of diamond wedding bands

All our diamonds are GIA Certified which are hand selected for exceptional quality with reasonable price. We use best of our knowledge while picking the perfect stone. We offer easy communication method to make the ring manufacturing process very easy and stress-free for our clients. We share updates for the jewelry while in the process with our customers to make them more connected to us.

From Kiesh, to consulting with our Concierge team, to creating fully customized pieces—we are just here to bring you the most brilliant fine jewelry you've ever worn, with an unparalleled level of client service, and unmatched transparency.

If there is anything you would want that is hard for you to explain via website or E-mail, Please feel to contact us on +13463324392.

Mission Statement

As Kiesh Jewelry continues to grow and create innovative pieces, we will continue to mindfully hold on to the beauty of our roots. Our focus is to be trusted by all our clients, as we grow and reach new heights in the artisan jewelry world. Our passion leads us to create pieces that you will wear with pride. There is always a story, a face and a family behind each jewelry piece. Our hopes are that your story will stay with you in form of jewelry throughout your life and generations to come, as we continue to help the community by making small contributions for every penny we make. A portion of our proceeds goes directly to the Artist that made your piece. We take great pride in everything we do, for every piece we make , to the moment it leaves our hands to yours. Every piece embodies the pinnacle of love and hard work.

Celebrating Brides and Grooms:

The wedding day is the most special event in every woman’s life. We understand that every bride wishes to be in the spotlight while celebrating her marriage, so we would want to make her a brilliant figure. With astounding jewelry that merges your story with styles and colors, we would love to be part of your lives.

We want to make something that is just perfect for you, and highly customizable so that every bride and groom can enjoy wearing them for life. Not just Rings, we make all kind of jewelry to make your dream come true.

Our Values


We love to think outside the box and break stereotypes. We always make customer’s dream come true with their dream jewelry. That is why we like to sit with them and discuss their ideas personally. 


We conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy, and ethical manner always. We take utmost pride in whatever we do. We stand by our products and its Quality. We put our dedication in every piece we make.


We are committed to help our community, and maintaining respectful relation with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. We contribute to a better tomorrow from each penny we make. We support local artisans and businesses by working with them in every possible way. We are also in constant connection with different charity organizations which helps kids to get basic requirements and education for a better tomorrow. We share a part of income we earn.

Story of

Dipal Vanani

I am Dipal Veljibhai Vanani, the Founder and Designer of KIESH JEWELRY. Here is my story and journey with Diamonds. My family has been in the Diamond Business and that inspired me to pursue career in Diamonds and jewelry. I have grown up looking at diamonds with my dad and brothers, adoring them and always dreamt about having a Brand of exclusive Diamond Jewelry. My father has been a real inspiration behind everything I am and whatever I have achieved. My father inspired me, and my mother gave me values and ethics. 

After completing my formal education, I joined IDI (Indian Diamond Institute) later moved to California to attend one of the most prestigious jewelry school -GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in Jewelry Designing. I got married in 2019 and moved to USA to be with my husband. In 2021, I decided to finally open my own brand - KIESH JEWELRY.

My journey with Kiesh has been immensely wonderful. I love designing jewelry. Having so many customers asking us to design gift jewelry and daily wear jewelry, we now create everyday jewelry for minimalist and elegant to-go look. We specialize in custom Jewelry. Our step in online store has been a milestone and we are immensely grateful for the support and appreciation we have received. I am grateful to each person who choose to trust us with their dream. I am looking forward to knowing more people and their journey. If you wish to connect with me directly, please ask our team member. I will be more than happy to talk.

Thank you...!!Happy Shopping...!!

Dipal Vanani - The Designer and Co-Founder of Kiesh Jewelry Inc.
GIA Certified Jewelers in Houston. Make Custom Engagement Ring with Kiesh Jewelry

Story of


I am Hemang Patel, the Co-founder and Diamond
expert of KIESH JEWELRY. I grew up in the city of Diamonds, Surat. I have always been curious over how diamond business work, which led me to study and pursue career in the same. I started Diamond business after completing Graduate
Gemologist program from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). I am very passionate
about diamonds and grateful to be in place where I get to be part of your lives.

I met my wife while studying diamonds. She was always inclined over jewelry, and I wanted to work in Diamond business. From Life partners to business partners, we are
taking new step together as partners in “Kiesh”.

After working in wholesale business for years, I am looking forward to work in retail business. It’s been amazing to know different people and grateful to be part of their journey. Thank you for trusting us with your jewelry. I am available to talk if you have any questions, just ask our
team member to connect with me

Thank You..!!